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I’ve been playing Warcraft since December 2004, right after game launch. It took me to about October of 2005 to get my first char to stage 60, that appears like quite a long-time. I’m somewhat conservative WoW person. At the time, I had a plug-in that could announce my play time in guild conversation. I’m uncertain what actual amount that was but I think it took me about 30-days of pure play-time to accomplish that level.

Ever since then, I’d tried reading articles on the web and using other instruments like QuestHelper to boost my leveling. Nothing seemed to work well.

WOTLKOnce you get to know quests at certain level and in certain areas, you can boost your performance by buying up quests with objectives in related areas together and stuff, but I was always finding my home traveling long distances to submit one quest and then again not finding any quests to pick up. Also, as you gain levels you’re continuously moving forward to the new places and all that knowledge is no more of use.

Zygor’s ‘In Game’ Alliance Horde Warcraft ’1-80′ Leveling Guides have changed all that. I got Wrath of Lich King expansion and I found the necessary information shortly. Since Burning Crusade had turn out I’d languished on my principal character, I held back-tracking and performing some very inefficient leveling and I found it very hard to get quests and their objectives. Once I fitted Zygor’s Guide, all that went away.

Now I just following simple on-screen guidelines and I leveled from 0 to 80 in about 6 days of play-time. Some state that they think this might take fun from game… But the main fun is when you reach the maximum level. I liked high-end game lot more. I liked experiencing great material that Blizzard has established without nagging feeling that I could possibly be mixing several other quests with types I was working on at time. With Zygor, I understand that I’m not planning to be wasting my time back-tracking consistently. Also, I realize that I’m not doing any grinding. There are a few ways in Guide that claims ‘grind to level X’ but I’ve never observed that I actually needed to do that except may be at around 10th level.

I really suggest that you get your hands on one or both of Zygor guides guys.